After-Lite™ isn't just a light bulb, it's a revolutionary lighting solution!

Charged by the low energy, high-output compact fluorescent light bulb, the After-Lite crystal energy cell bursts out with a soothing green glow that allows the owner to move safely about the room.

The key to After-Lite’s brilliance starts with advanced, high-grade photo luminescence crystals. Rare earth minerals are combined and processed under intense heat and pressure by a leading developer of high-grade photo-luminescent safety products. The result is the application of over 14 years of experience in the development of this revolutionary energy-free lighting system.

This simple patented device can be removed from a failed light and attached to a new bulb, providing energy- free safety lighting for emergency situations.


After-Lite Quick Facts:

  • Each 60 Watt-rated bulb uses only 13 Watts
  • Bulb guaranteed by Fotolum for 8,000 hours usage
  • Energy Star / UL / FCC rated
    Crystal Energy Cell uses
    no energy
  • Estimated savings to user over the life 60-watt rated bulb – $52*
  • Traditional incandescent bulbs will be phased out by 2012 due to government regulation

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*Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs

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